SA3031 Spectrum Analyzer
The SA3031 spectrum analyzer applies an all-aluminum metal structure and an 8.4-inch LED-backlit high-brightness standard display for superior environmental adaptability. Full digital IF and full-range phase-locked digital scanning technology ensure superior and stable performance. Rich measurement functions, including spectrum analysis, network measurement, field strength measurement, channel scanning, analog demodulation, template alarm settings, and many other intelligent professional features. The product can be widely used in aerospace, microwave communications, satellite navigation, radar detection, electronic detection and countermeasures, precision guidance and other fields.

Product Features

  • l Frequency Range:9kHz~3.6GHz
  • l Resolution Bandwidth:1Hz~3MHz,optimum sensitivity precede -160dBm
  • l Patented dual source function, tracking source/ independent source arbitrary switching
  • l Waterfall spectrum、modulate quality analysis、audio demodulation and other general& extended functions
  • l Field strength measurement、frequency detection testing、S11 & S21、Channel measurement、frequency counting and more professional options
  • l Compact all-metal structure, superior shielding performance, and EMC characteristics



Technical Indicators


Preheat for 30 minutes while the instrument is in the

calibration cycle and has performed self-calibration



Frequency Range


Freq Reading Accuracy

±(Freq standard reading× Freq reference accuracy +1%× sweep width +10%×RBW+0.5×[ sweep width /( scan spot -1)]+1Hz)

Internal Benchmark(10MHz)

Aging rate

<1ppm/ year

Temp Drift

<0.5ppm  (15℃ to 35℃)

Resolution BandwidthRBW

Range(<10Hz as options)

1Hz to 500kHz(continuous stepping from 1 to 10)、1MHz、3MHz



<5:1  typical value(digital implement,close to Gaussian shape)


<5%  typical value

Video Bandwidth(VBW)

10Hz to 3MHz

Display Average Noise Level1Hz resolution bandwidthRF attenuator 0dB

Pre-amplifier Off

100kHz to 1MHz  <-100dBm-3×(f/100kHz)dB

1MHz to 10MHz  <-130dBm

10MHz to 1GHz  <-135dBm

1GHz to 3.6GHz  <-130dBm

Pre-amplifier On

100kHz to 1MHz  <-120dBm-3×(f/100kHz)dB

1MHz to 10MHz  <-150dBm

10MHz to 1GHz  <-155dBm

1GHz to 3.6GHz  <-150dBm

Phase Noise


Frequency offset 30kHz   -90dBc/Hz

Frequency offset 100kHz   -100dBc/Hz

Frequency offset 1MHz    -110dBc/Hz

Note: typical fc=500MHz RBW≤1kHz,sampling detection,average trace ≥10



Sweep Time

Non-Zero Sweep Width

3ms to 3000s

Zero Sweep Width

1ms to 3000s

Sweep Mode



Trigger Source


External Trigger Level

5V TTL level,nominal value

Frequency Counter


Counter Resolution


Counter Uncertainty

Freq reading×Freq reference accuracy+ counter resolution

Amplitude Accuracy(20℃ to 30℃)

Comprehensive Amplitude Accuracy(90%)

Input signal range from 0dBm to -50dBm



Measurement Range fc≥10MHz

Display average noise level  to +27dBm

Maximum Safe Input Level

Average Continuous Power


Maximum DC Input Voltage


Input Attenuator Range

0 to 39dB, stepping as 3dB

1dB Compression Spot


Spurious and Residual Responses

TOI(Third-order Distortion)



SHI(Second-order Distortion)



Input Related Spurious Signals


Residual Responses


Tracking Signal Source(Options)

Frequency Range

100kHz to 3.6GHz

Output Power

-30dBm  to  0dBm  1dB stepping

Output Flatness

Track source(100kHz to 3.6GHz) ±3dB

Independent source(150MHz to 3.6GHz) ±3dB

Input/ Output

RF Input/ Output

N-type negative(50Ω)


Device port:USB 1.1  B connector

Host port:USB 2.0  A connector


10/100 Base-T,RJ-45 connector


9-pin D-SUB(positive)



Reference Input/ Output

10MHz,BNC negative

Input power 0dBm  to  +10dBm

Output power 0dBm±2dB


800*600,60Hz,15-pin D-SUB(negative)

External Trigger Input

5V TTL level(±10V,100mA maximum)

FM/AM Audio Demodulation

Earphone jack

Common Parameter


LED back-light,8.4-inch TFT-LCD

Maximum Weight


Size(not include feet)


Working Temperature

0℃ to 40℃

Storage Temperature

-30℃ to +70℃

Power Supply

Input Voltage Range

100V to 240V

AC Freq Range

40Hz to 60Hz

Power Consumption

Maximum 30W