"R" Series EMI Test Receivers
R Introduction to series Receivers

R series EMI receivers Meet CISPR 16-1-1 Standard,Integrated with CISPR-AVG、CISPR-RMS、QPK Detector, Under CISPR、EN、FCC、MIL and other standards for electromagnetic interference measurement,Suitable for EMI testing in Household appliances , lighting, Road vehicles, Medical and other industries. Combined with ETR software, a wealth of test selection accessories, Accurate automated testing is available . Standard spectrum analysis modules and tracking signal generators for all systems to meet the testing needs of users in different fields.

Conduction test

Conduction Connection diagram

@ LISN AC input power supply (AC220V) recommends the use of isolation Transformers

@ Make sure the lisn chassis is reliably grounded before testing

@ LISN L/N the RF switch dial switch in the off state before switching

  1. The RF switch dial switch is in the off State before the test, and the EUT is dialed to the on State when powered on


CDN Test

Test Connection Diagram

Make sure the CDN chassis is grounded before testing

@ Test environment as far as possible for electromagnetic shielding room or radio darkroom

Working mode switching

Access Spectrum analyzer operating mode via front panel operation:         

   【MODE】→【Spectrum analyzer

Access EMI receiver operating mode via front panel operation:            

    【MODE】→【EMI Receiver




Frequently seen problems

  1. The amplitude value of the receiver after long time use is small: the instrument needs metering calibration
  2. There is a slight deviation in the receiver load Pass test: The instrument may not be grounded or the load itself is disturbed